About Us

The purpose of InvestorBlock is to empower both new and proficient independent real estate investors with the information and resources they need to be successful. Since the Great Recession of 2008 the success of these individuals has promoted the creation of new jobs, the entrepreneurial spirit of American small business, and the positive transformation of thousands of neighborhoods through the combined “grassroots” efforts of many.

Investor Events
Want to network and learn from real investors? Almost every relevant class, educational seminar, investor case-study, and networking mixer in your local area is listed here. Whether you are looking to learn something new or find a mentor we’ll show you where to start. All events are added by real life investors and approved by InvestorBlock.com for legitimacy.
Most of the local contractors, service providers, and suppliers that any real estate investor should get to know are painstakingly sought out and listed in our directory. To ensure you’re dealing with a reliable company each listing is rated by fellow investors and you can read live reviews before selecting your next plumber or mortgage broker. {Coming soon!}
Deal Evaluator
See what’s really going on in the area. Use state-of-the-art real estate investing technology to assess real estate deals in seconds. Generate an in-depth property report that consists of a custom comparative market analysis, important subdivision statistics, and financial projections that instantly determine your net profit, cash-on-cash return, and equity ROI so you have the real perspective before you submit an offer.
Want to learn from the success of others who have gone before you? Inside the media room you will explore a variety of real estate investing educational material including how-to demonstrations, interviews from real life successful investors, and before and after videos. All material is added by real life investors and approved by InvestorBlock.com for legitimacy.